Trauma Resolution

AJ_Buddy_frightenedThere is a huge problem in the world today – people don’t know how to resolve their emotional pain and trauma.  Trauma is a result of an intense experience that is just too much for us to handle in the moment.  When we feel overwhelmed, we have a tendency to check out emotionally.  Whether the overwhelm comes from a highly unpleasant social situation, or a something that is actually physically dangerous, or even life-threatening, if we are unable to stay present in the moment, this ‘incomplete experience’ will be stored in the memory banks of our body, where it can be triggered in the present, sometimes setting off symptoms such as flashbacks, startle responses or nightmares.  If you suffer from any of these symptoms, don’t despair!

New Non-Invasive Breakthrough Technology Offers Solutions That Are are Quick, Unique and Thorough.

We offer rapid and thorough resolution of emotional stress and trauma by using experiential techniques that are truly new and extraordinary.  These techniques don’t just suppress symptoms, they completely resolve the emotional pain or trauma so that it is simply gone. This is the fastest and most thorough way yet developed to vaporize PTSD, trauma, anxiety and stress.

We participate with Vaporize Your PTSD, a Non-Profit Organization Committed to Assisting Vets and Their Families Who are Affected by PTSD.  If you are a veteran, please contact us for a complimentary session.