Performance Anxiety

Is it Really Normal To Feel Nervous When You Perform?

Maybe it seems “normal” because everyone else is doing it too, but is it necessary?  Do you feel nervous when you perform?  Do your nerves interfere with your optimal performance? What if there was a solution that would enable you to live up to your full potential AND enjoy the experience?  Would that interest you?

What if You Could Access Your Fullest Potential Under Any and All Circumstances, No Matter What?glee.combo.2

We have adapted our trauma resolution techniques for performance related stress and the results have been PHENOMENAL!  We are happy to work with anyone in any performance capacity: Musicians, Actors, Dancers, Athletes, etc.

My Experience

This subject particularly meaningful to me because of my music background.  For many years, I became nervous before or during auditions.  I thought that I just needed to focus on my performing skills, so I took more lessons, and spent many more hours practicing, but it didn’t really help.  It was almost like spinning on an endless treadmill. It wasn’t better technique that I needed – I needed to resolve the fears that were in my way.  I had unresolved experiences from when I was very young.  Once I resolved them, my fears were gone.  Now I am able to stay fully present in front of any audience.

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