What Happens in a Session?

“One-Size-Fits-All fits No One!”

All of the answers are inside of you.  With your inner wisdom as the guide, we will identify the most important issue, & sort out the root, or the very core of it, to resolve at the most fundamental level.  We will leave no stone unturned, until you have reached completion of whatever needs to be done in the moment.

 If All the Answers Are Inside Me, Why Don’t I Have a Clue?

We are ‘programmed,’ from the time we are very young, not only to listen to advice from others, and to value other’s opinions over our own, but to ignore and discount our inner knowing.  This is one of the most insidious ‘bugs’ on our inner human software!  But we have the technology to delete this bug and restore your access to and your trust in that innate guidance.

Is it Really Instant?

Because we go right to the core of the issue, relief can happen very rapidly.  It is normal to feel a difference in the very first session.  The techniques are very simple but they are not always easy.  This is why it’s very good to have guidance while you are learning.  Some ‘bugs’ are fairly easy to delete, and others are more complicated.  They can even have ‘backup’ copies.

This is Not Therapy – It’s Training.

We do not offer therapy.  This is training:  We will teach you how to recognize and delete your conditioning.  The intention is that you will eventually learn to be able to do this on your own.